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Advanced yoga teacher training White Lotus yoga retreat center

Yoga Training - Deepening Your Practice

Ganga White
and Tracey Rich

Advanced Training and Continuing Education
for experienced students and instructors

Donation $1850;  Deposit $450 | Printable Registration Form

con·text n. 1.The state of mind out of which action comes. The interdependent conditions in which something occurs; a setting. [From Latin contextus, from past participle of contexere, to join together : com-, com- + texere, to weave; ]

Advanced yoga teacher training course certificate
Course Certificate


Namaste! It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us for a special Advanced Training--Deepening Your Practice. This event will be a comprehensive practice and learning experience designed to move your Yoga and your insight into yoga to new levels. It is a continuing yoga education and training for teachers and experienced students as well as a time of ceremony, networking and personal rejuvenation.

Context, like the word yoga, means that which joins together. The context in which we hold our Yoga (where we’re coming from, the philosophical underpinnings and beliefs) have as much effect on our practice as the content (the practices, techniques, forms). We will explore shifting to an open and evolving context that allows you to tune your Yoga to the moment and constant change of life.

What is advancing in Yoga? Is it merely doing more complicated and difficult postures? We feel that progress in Yoga goes far beyond this and must include the awakening of deeper levels of seeing and insight as well as the attunement to the subtler messages of the body’s intelligence. Our theme will be to share this perception and free each other from the many myths and misconceptions about advanced Yoga. Each gathering will include asana practice, pranayama practice, discussions, discourses in Yoga and opportunity for questions and dialogue in areas of interest to the group.


7:00 AM
Morning Sitting and Pranayama Practice
8:00 AM
Light Breakfast
9:00 AM
Asana Practice
12:00 AM
1:00 PM
Free Time (Massage, hikes, outings, etc)
4:00 PM
Asana Class & Pranayama Practice
6:30 PM
8:00 PM Evening Program (Discussions, Meditation, Council, Music, Dancing, Fire Circle)

Participants In Their Own Words

View the Course Curriculum

Please See Our Calendar for Dates | Donation $1850;  Deposit $450

Tax Deductibility: Your Tuition may be tax-deductible.   more information
Printable Registration Form Advanced yoga teacher training course registration

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White Lotus Foundation holds Yoga teacher training courses four times per year in Santa Barbara, CA at our beautiful retreat center in the mountains. Students attend from around the country to receive their yoga certification. For in-depth information on our Yoga Certification Program, click Yoga Certification. Our courses are renowned around the world for their comprehensive content, individual attention to each student, and for the wonderful
transformational experience of studying with yoga pioneers and best selling authors, Ganga White and Tracey Rich.
White Lotus Foundation offered the first yoga teacher training and certification in America in 1968.

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